Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Inappropriate Little Elf

We have a little Elf that visits our house around the holidays.  The kids have affectionately named him, Mr. Elf (creative I know).  Mr. Elf keeps an eye on the kids so he can report back to Santa on their behavior.  He usually watches the kids while they are awake but leaves to give his report to Santa once the kids fall asleep.  Well, one night when I came out for a drink of water, I found him making himself at home in our dining room.  He was having a party it seemed with some friends.  He was drinking and playing strip poker using the Women of Star Wars playing cards. I think he may have been cheating even...Shocking I know.  I guess you just can't tell the character of an elf by his fake smile these days.


  1. So this is what you do when you get your papers written for grad school...time well spent, Steph.
    This is very cute and very INAPPROPRIATE!!